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    The Property Cash Buyer Promise

    We make it as simple as possible to sell your house, so you won’t have to worry about complicated processes, contracts falling through, lengthy waits, or any of the endless other potential pitfalls of selling a home the traditional way. We promise to deliver peace of mind and support throughout the process.

    Highest Price Possible

    We work closely with you to evaluate your property, to give you the highest price possible, with zero fees.

    Sell As Is

    No clean up or repairs. No showings, open houses or uncertainty. Sell as-is without listing your home on the market or doing any work.

    Close With Certainty

    We work on your timeline to complete the closing process.

    Free assessment. No obligation.

    Why Property Cash Buyer

    Property Cash Buyer helps you sell your house off-market for the highest price, without any work, in any condition. We specialize in buying houses as-is. We’ve helped sellers in situations like these and more:

    Looking to sell the property as-is

    Financial distress such as medical bills or foreclosure

    Sudden or unexpected life events

    Downsizing or relocation due to retirement

    Inherited property you can’t keep

    Structural issues, unpermitted work or condemned houses

    Damage from natural disasters

    Vacant or problematic rental property

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    At Property Cash Buyers, we provide you with quick, easy, and smooth transactions. We understand the stress of selling a home and take the burden of the process off your shoulders and make your deal quick and professional, allowing you to concentrate on other important matters. Here is what our customers are saying:

    great company to deal with. honest and caring.

    Following a stressful divorce I wanted to sell my house quickly, Property Cash Buyers were very knowledgeable and made the process as smooth as possible with no disruption to myself and my children.

    Carol Rutter

    Solid Team, was fast, easy, and no hassles.

    Fantastic service, great team

    Mark Pokorski

    sold my house in 8 day, really nice people.

    Fantastic service! Robert was assigned to my sale and throughout the whole process he was extremely helpful with anything and everything I needed.

    Ryan Neely

    The Property Cash Buyer Difference

    Property Cash Buyer is changing the way homeowners sell houses that need updates or repairs. Every day our team of market experts help homeowners get the highest off-market price, on their timeline. Property Cash Buyer is the only place where you can get fair cash offer, without any work or worry.

    Local Real Estate Services
    • 6% in commissions plus other fees
    • Showings and open houses
    • 60 - 90 days on the market
    • Clean up and repair hassle
    • Inspection (15% of sales fall through here)
    Private Listing Services
    • $1,000 - $5,000 in periodic fees
    • Potentially costly renovations
    • 60 - 180+ days on the market
    • No guarantees to sell property 
    • Lots of work and heavy time investment

    About Us

    property cash buyer we pay cash for houses

    Property Cash Buyer is a private real estate investment company based in Ontario. We buy properties fast for cash and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problems. 

    Whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, need to move fast, or just need to sell your house for all kinds of reasons.

    We provide homeowners win-win solutions to help them get out of their sticky situations. At Property Cash Buyer, we focus on providing you with the best solutions to your situation so you can continue to do the things you love.

    Frequently asked questions

    These are the top 4 questions asked by our clients. We understand that selling your property can be quite stressful, so we are here to make the process as smooth as possible. If you have any further questions or concerns, you call us at 647-812-9221.

    How does this process work?

    To start, fill out the form on our website or call us directly at 647-812-9221 to tell us about your property and the type of sale you’re seeking. If your property qualifies, we will set up an appointment for our Home Buying Specialist to meet you personally and view your home.

    Immediately after, we will make you a cash offer; if you accept, we can sign an agreement and, at that point, you will have sold your home. It’s really that simple. No hidden fees, no obligations.

    Are there any fees, commissions, or hidden costs to work with you?

    No, we don’t charge you a single penny. We will even cover the closing costs for you. Additionally, you will not have to pay for repairs, upgrades, cleaning services, or anything else when you work with Property Cash Buyers.

    Property cash buyer does not operate like other traditional real estate methods. We make our money by cleaning and repairing the property. Once the property is in top condition, we will try to find a buyer. Whether we can make a profit or not, is a risk we take. After we buy the house from you the responsibility is ours and you walk away without the burden of the property and its payments, as well as cash in your hand.

    There must be a limit, is there any house you won’t buy?

    We buy all houses, whether they are new or old. We don’t care if you have a leaking roof, a rat infestation, a cracked foundation, or a hoarder’s house. At Property Cash Buyers there is no house we will not buy.

    Are there any obligations once I submit my info?


    Once you tell us a bit about your property through our forms, we’ll take a look at things, and try to set up a line of communication to find out a bit more. If your property qualifies, we will make you an all-cash offer that’s fair for you and fair for us. At this point you still don’t have any obligations, it’s 100% your decision on whether or not you’d like to sell your house to us.

    Houses We've Recently Bought

    When you choose to work with Property Cash Buyers, you’ll work with professional House Buyer that will buy your home for a reasonable price. You won’t need to worry about getting your property appraised and inspected before the sale. There’s also no fee involved when we buy your home; this provides a cash injection you can put towards any project or purchase. Take a look at some of the house we've recently bought:

    Free assessment. No obligation.

    Sold In
    One Week!

    We’ll make you a cash offer on your house within 24 hours of our walk through, and you can decide whether to accept our offer and be free of the property.

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